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Why estimate?
Sometimes you want to you to know up front what the cost will be. Of course we are not the cheapest cleaning service in the city. We focus on quality and making the cleaning work easy for you. You can communicate with us in English and Thai. We're avaialble for you to reach to us.

For you to have idea how much of the cost of your cleaning will be like, just send us the information of your cleaning requirements as s how below.

Based on your site information, We will do a rough estimation and will send you quote via email. Then you can decide to do on-site estimation or compare to other cleaning service providers.

Just send us email the detail in plain English (or Thai) of the following:

1. Type of premises (House, Appartment, Town house, office, factories, etc)
2. Location (In Bangkok?, e.g. Sukhumvit, Jatujak, Payathai, etc)
3. Size of area to be cleaned (square meters)
4. Age of building? (If not known, just mention Old or New)
5. If it's floor cleaning, what type floor (Wood, stone, terrazzo, Ceramic, etc).
6. Is it include carpet cleaning, what size?
7. Include windows, size of the windows?
8. In clude furniture sets? What are they?
9. Include door, Wall, window frame, curtain, etc?
10. Other areas you want us to do the cleaning. Please specify.
11. Other information that will help us to visualize you cleaning needs, such floor plan, photos, map, etc.

You can skip any of the above items that are not applicable for you.
We will respond to you within 12-24 hours during week days.

OR if you don't want to wait, just simply call us directly: Mrs Nopporn 081-347-4863, we're on 7 days a week from 08:00 - 21:00 hours.

We are able to communicate with you in both English and Thai.


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