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We understand that a clean working environment enhances the productivity, health, and work experience of your employees, improving morale and increasing efficiency.

Wherever you're in Bangkok or any part of Thailand, whatever your cleaning needs, let us take care of them and we promise a service that is of the highest quality, a service you can trust and a very reasonable price.


1. Big Cleaning / Complete Cleaning

Big Cleaning

Big Cleaning (sometimes called "First cleaning") is an extensive, detailed clean designed to thoroughly clean your premises includes everything in a routine service and more from top to bottom such as clean all areas in rooms, floors, kitchen, balcony, mirror, windows, etc.

This cleaning is designed for cleaning your new house or office before moving in or move out. We also recommend this type of cleaning to any type of buildings that need a complete cleaning once in a while..

The cleaning activities include:

Carry all trash to pick-up areas
Mop floors with a germicidal solution
Polish all metal and mirrors
Dusting all surface areas
Interior glass and window sill cleaning
Trash removal and receptacle liner replacement
Cleaning and disinfecting bathroom and kitchen
Cleaning/dusting stairways
Spot cleaning walls and carpets as needed
Check all doors and windows
Construction Clean up


2. Maid Service (Offices and Hotels)

Maid Cleaning

Maintenance cleaning or maid cleaning is a standard clean designed to keep the cleanliness of your property at regular basis which include most of cleaning activities.

Maid service is suitable for the property that needs a basic cleaning or if you want to maintain your home after having a First clean.

What we do is we send our maids to your office to perform the cleaning per your requirement. All of our maids are Thai nationality We also have very hard-working legal maids from Myanmar. Depending on your requirement, maid service from Cleaning24 can be performed once weekly, twice weekly, fortnightly and can customize a non standard schedule. Some of the basic job scope includes:

Office / Desk / Hall Way
 Vacuum and mop floor
 Dust & clean all furniture, tabletop and appliances
 Clean & wipe cabinets external surface & doors
 Dust & tidy tables and chairs
 Empty dustbin
 Wipe glass windows

 Wash & wipe floor and wall tiles
 Wash and disinfect sink, wash basin, toilet bowl and bath tub if any
 Degreasing of cooking stove & hob if any
 Dust & wipe exterior of kitchen appliances
 Wipe wall mounted mirror



3. Vacuum cleaning, Carpet shampooing

Vacuum cleaning

Potentially carpet can cause a variety of health problems inside our premises when proper maintenance and care is neglected. Your carpet may not require the regular cleaning as compared to other types of floor cleaning, but your carpet should be professionally cleaned once in half a year, even if you vacuum regularly. Carpet cleaning is especially for large carpeted floor, carpet, rugs and compact mats.

Our carpet cleaning will remove loose soil in your carpet using a powerful vacuum cleaning system. We then treat the carpet with a industry-standard cleaning solution which contains spotting agents, solvents, brighteners, deodorizers, penetrants and an antistatic compound. The cleaning solution penetrates each fiber and breaks up the soil trapped within.

This will extend the life of your carpeting, maintain the original look and luster and contributes to better air quality, reducing allergies and illness.


4. Upholstery cleaning

Upholstery cleaningUpholstery cleaning can extend life of your furniture (such as sofa, fabric, leather, ottoman, bed etc) and can help maintain the beauty and elegance of the fabric. When it comes to the proper cleaning of furniture textiles it is always best to leave up to the professionals.

Cleaning24 aims at handling and effectively cleaning your upholstery materials with excellent care. We are able to clean delicate fabrics as well as those that are hard to clean, and a variety of other textiles, including leather and vinyl. We have service to clean the following.

  •  Curtain
  •  Sofa set
  •  Tables
  •  Chairs

5. Window Cleaning

Window cleaning is a very risky work and it has to be done by a professional. Why don't let someone do the work for you. We offer a total window cleaning package leaving your view and entire window dazzling. The tasks we offer include.

     Storefront cleaning
     Display Case Cleaning
     Glass Partition Cleaning
     Mirror cleaning
     Facade Cleaning
     Pressure Washing
     Vinyl Lettering Installation/Removal
     Tinting and Removal
     Spider-lift Window cleaning
     Post Construction Window Cleaning


6. Floor Cleaning/Stripping/Waxing 

Floor CleaningFloors are high traffic areas which are easy to have dirt and grit and can give a beautiful floor unpleasant look. Dirt and grit can damage your floors permanently and cause unsightly and unsafe scratches. High quality floor cleaning and waxing services from Cleaning24 services will ensure the appearance and cleanliness of all your floors.

At Cleaning24, we have different cleaning solution for different type of surfaces, so that you can rest assure that proper care will be taken for all your floor surface.

Our cleaning and waxing will maintain floor’s shine and lessen the impact of everyday wear and tear. We have cleaning service for the following floor surfaces.


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