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Why cleaning service bangkok Thailand
There are a lot of reasons you should call for a cleaning service. You come home tired, you want to relax but there're tons of cleaning jobs waiting for you. You just realize that your home need a big clean after have not done for years, but it's too much for you to do it by yourself. You buy a new house and everything is ready what about keeping it clean for a long-terms. If you have an office, uou may think of hiring your own employees for your office. What about the training, cost and everything else? This can give you a lot of hassle. When you are in one of these situations, cleaning service can be a real savior.

There are a lot of reasons you consider hiring a cleaning service provider to do the cleaning for you. We can give you 4 of the most important ones.
1. Cleaning is a tough job.
2. You have more valuable things to do.
3. A cleaning service provider knows and is reall good at cleaning.
4. If you hire your own staff, you have to pay them no matter they have anything to clean or not.

Why don't you just relax, focus on things that are more important you your life/business, and let professional do the cleaning for you whenever you need it.


What Makes Us Different


We focus on quality. We aim to set our standard apart from ordinary residential cleaning services through superior quality of services. It is true that sometimes the work We will keep improving our work quality, so we strives to satisfy you with each and every cleaning, and asks for your input every time. We take your comments seriously and see that our cleaning staff understand your professional cleaning service needs. Cleaning24 always listens and follows through. Tell us what you don't like about our service, and we will make it better for you.



Cleaning24 hires professional, well-trained and dedicated cleaning staff. With many years of their experiences, coupled with courtesy and professionalism, will ensure that you obtain the best possible service.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We do our best to get works done completely and satisfactory. We strive hard to understand your business and how things work, to be able for them to maintain the cleanliness of your home and office without clashing or disturbing your work. We have a commitment to providing sparkling customer service. Our service description is based on written requirements and agreed contract.

Direct and Personalized

Cleaning24 is managed by Nopporn Wongwajarachot one of the original owners. Nopporn is both Managing Director and Sales Manager. We are not a large company and offer personalized service. You don't have to deal with different people cleaning your premises everytime who you don't feel comfortable with or, worst yet, who you can't communicate with. Here for Cleaning24, you communicate directly to people who run the company. If there is something you like or dont't like, you can just say it to people who make decision. We will listen to all of your feedbacks and we will improve our services accordningly.

Low Cost

Cleaning service can be expensive if your don't choose well, especially in high area in Bangkok. In most cases, the cleaning service fee has to cover marketing, and advertising. Many people don't realize they pay more that they should. Since we don't invest in advertsing and marketing, we don't mark up the price as major companies do. Of course, considering staff, skill, and are not the cheapest in the market but we are sure our price is competitive for cleaning service in Bangkok.


Here what you will get when you have service from Cleaning24
More time to relax or do something you like most
Jobs are done professionally. If you don't like it, just pin point it and we will fix it.
You can choose individual or team cleaning
All Equipment & Supplies Provided
Insured. Don't pay until you are ok with the result.
Satisfaction Guaranteed!
FREE Estimates

Cleaning24 provides you with cleaning service in 4 easy steps
Area observation and estimation (Free of charge)
Perform cleaning activities immediately after a property own has agreed
Customer satisfaction check and completion sign-off


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